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World of Anargor - 3D RPG v1.0 APK

A RPG action saga set in medieval time in full 3D environment!

World of Anargor - 3D RPGplay.google.com.worldofanargorfull
Hero, pick up a weapon and defend your world. Fight against Undead Legion from dark underworld known as World of Anargor. We are counting on you, you are chosen by gods and please stop the madness.

Dual core and higher ONLY!!!

  • Excellent fantasy 3D RPG game
  • Powered by Unity3D engine
  • Travel through the realistic world with magnificent graphics and sound set in the medieval times.
  • Enjoy the real time melee combat face to face.
  • 9 massive and detailed levels unlocked to play (and more to follow soon) as RPG.
  • Try to complete quests and missions in order to save the World.
  • 3 Different types of main Heroes (knight, dwarf and elf)
  • Over 20 amazing enemy types (wolves, skeletons, orks, spiders ...) in game, each with their own unique attacks and strategies.
  •  Range of equipment (more than 50) will help you to go through the troubles.
  • Stimulating background music and great sound effects.
  • Astounding visual effects like fireballs, freezing, thunderbolt, storm and more make your playing and magical attacks stunning to see.
  • Options to control camera and view - bird or fight mode view.
  • Unlocked all 9 missions and ready to play sequential. 
  • Unlocked all 3 types of main Heroes ( Perxan available on 1st level, Sonya on 5th level and Mirlan on 9th level.
  • Unlocked all weapons, shields, armors, magics and spells....
  • At Level 1 - 4 main quests, 2 bonus quests, 8 new items, 2 new magics. 
  • At Level 2 - 4 main quests, 2 bonus quests, 8 new items, 0 new magics. 
  • At Level 3 - 2 main quests, 3 bonus quests, 7 new items, 3 new magics. 
  • At Level 4 - 4 main quests, 1 bonus quests, 6 new items, 1 new magics. 
  • At Level 5 - 3 main quests, 1 bonus quests, 6 new items, 1 new magics.
  • At Level 6 - 3 main quests, 2 bonus quests, 9 new items, 1 new magics. 
  • At Level 7 - 5 main quests, 0 bonus quests, 4 new items, 1 new magics. 
  • At Level 8 - 10 main quests, 3 bonus quests, 3 new items, 1 new magics. 
  • At Level 9 - 3 main quests, 1 bonus quests, 3 new items, 0 new magics.
  • Watch tutorial video for understanding the game play.
  • Collect gold coins after beating the enemies and buy health and mana bottles to increase you vitality and astral points.
  • Customize your Hero with a range of new weapons, armors or shields 
  • Use special magic and spells to defeat enemy or increase you health or strength.
  • Notifications and pop-ups to guide the players.
  • Find secret features, quests and weapons in every level. 
  • Save and load game whenever you want.
  • Detailed mini maps will help you to find your way around and to solve the quest.
  • Gain experience points with each completed quest and unlock new features as you level up.
Required Android O/S : Varies with device

Screenshots :

Download : 180Mb (APK+OBB)

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